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SUNBEEMZ Upcycled Jewellery

Bespoke handmade Necklace’s featuring the SUNBEEMZ cut glass beads to catch the light.

These are a mixture of up-cycled Jewellery and new beads which has been throughly cleaned and sourced through various online platforms and also other sales.

For me, this is a post been a post Lockdown project following my SUNBEEMZ Sun Catchers actual Lockdown project.

I look at these as something positive made out of something negative. Sharing the love and bring new life to incredible beads, mixing them with new beads and bringing something new.

In this day and age it’s all about recycling and If I can do that with something pretty to wear and compliment your look then I’m happy if people like what I do.

Please have a look through the creations I have made or if you have any ideas of what you would like don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help come up with something very unique.


SUNBEEMZ Upcycled Jewellery

  • Please send me a message using the contact page with your requirements or the number of the necklace you would like.

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