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Tony ward

February 2017

Thank you Tina, everyone said how well you conducted your self, we hardly knew you were there.  You blended in, took natural pictures and we were very pleased.

Mandie ward

January 2017

Ah they are brilliant Tina, thank you xxx

Erika Davies

December 2016

They're Perfect xx

Lisa Carol Johnston

December 2016

OMG they are absolutely amazing!!!!! I love them, you captured everything wonderfully, thank you so much xxx

Leila Flynn

November 2016

I got the Book, it's fantastic, thanks.

Mark Kay

October 2016

Amazing, Keep it going.

Kerry Hogg Was Galsworthy/ Chantelle Watton/ Delia Galsworthy

September 2016

Kerry - OMG Tina you are amazing!    Chantelle - They are so lovely, thank you.

Delia Galsworthy - They are really good.

Max Rasool, Hunters Estate and Letting Agents. Wokingham

August 2016

They look great, thanks.

Anita Minns and Jenny Woolford

April 2016

Anita - Omg!! Have just seen the beautiful book, thank you so much it's wonderful.  It.s Brilliant, i am recommending   you to everyone.

Jenny - Wow, that's brilliant Tina, well done xx

Keith Browning, Browning Ovens. Stadhampton Oxfordshire.

March 2016

Really Great, thank you.

Lucy Ann Mew

March 2016

I love them, ty so much.

Juliana Antunes

February 2016

Thank you so much Tina, i.m well happy with them, thank you ever so much xx.

Jenni Daisy Simmonds

february 2016

They are all amazing.

Stella Mitchell

January 2016

They are lovely, thank you so much.

Kerri-Ann Parton

December 2015

Omg, they are gorgeous thank you so much xx

Debbie Lewis

January 2016

Thank you so much, they are lovely

Mark Kay

December 2005

I love this Picture.  Thank you.

Reading Winter On Ice, Forebury Gardens. Published by getreading

December 2015

Reading's winter On Ice captured in beautiful photos, Earley resident takes brilliant festive photos of winter wonderland in Reading.

Marina Gibbins and Tracy Thatcher

January 2016

Marina - We are very happy with our photos, thank you Tina.

Tracy - They are all so lovely I don't know which ones to pick.

Lesley Wilkins

January 2016

Thank you so much Tina for your outstanding photographs of my precious daughter Chloe.  When choosing a photographer for a photo shoot with special needs experience, there is so much to consider and I would highly recommend TDP Photography.  You made the session into a fun experience for Chloe which is a special quality to have.  I am looking forward to our next session for my business photos and further shoots in the future for my family. Thank you again, your work really is excellent x                                                                                                      

Maria Di, Mimi's Hair Salons, Wokingham and Eversly

October 2005

Well done, amazing.  I love them and can't stop looking through them. 

Ruth Whitney

December 2005

These photos are amazing Tina, well done and thank you, I love them.

Charlotte Vickery

November 2015

Wow, Wow, Wow, I love them thank you, they are perfect.

Sarah Eldridge

October 2015

Thank you, I love them.

Pete Laschok

October 2015

thank you.

Waingles Copse School Reunion, class of 82

September 2015

April, They are about the best pictures ever taken of me.

Julie, I'ts lovely, you're so good.

Mandie ward, Levi's Wish To Walk

September 2015

Thank you Tina, they look brilliant.


September 2005

Tina we loved it, thank yo so much xx we are so pleased with the album and the dvd.  You have done an amazing job for us, we will be very proud to show those off to our friends.

Matt Amin, Amin Aquatics

January 2005

Thanks so much for the photos, they have come out really well.

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