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Sunbeemz.  Add the sun, the moon or artifical light an a breeze. See the video.

Beautiful sparkles for your garden from these cut glass beaded Sun Catchers for in or outdoor use that turns light from both artificial and natural light sources to provide an amazing display of prisms.

These make great and unique gifts that can be seen and enjoyed anywhere in the home or garden. They can be personalised with names or simple messages for any occasions and in any colours you like.

With a special offer and free p&p within the U.K. grab the perfect gift. These are ideal gifts to brighten up and add sparkle. See the Facebook page SUNBEEMZ and see the these in action on the video.

Choose one from my collection in the photos, just let me know the Sunbeemz number or add your choice of colours and any names etc with your order and

I will start on your creation. Orders are usually posted out in two days.

Sun Catcher Care and Information.

Hang me in a sunny spot outside in your garden, by a window or a light. I will provide beautiful reflections and prisms of natural or artificial light as I sparkle

day and night when light shines on me. Natures gentle breeze brings me alive.

I can also be pretty indoors but I feel I show my true colours outside.

I am made mainly of cut glass and beads, I don’t need much attention although once a week (not very ladylike I know) could you give me a quick wash with warm water or even some glass cleaner, any kind will do I’m not fussy, and then dry me off (especially in winter) so I can look my best.

Please keep me out of reach of young children and animals and if it’s really hot please don’t leave me in direct sunlight indoors. My small metal parts can rust if not kept clean and some beads may fade in

direct sunlight over time.

Thank you for looking after me.

💫 💎🌈

SUNBEEMZ. Created by TDP Photography

Sunbeemz. Add the sun, the moon or artifical light an a breeze. See the video.

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